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Sumaiya Khatun
Apr 02, 2022
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Glottis also recalled IBM's commitment Email List in this area, which has invested more than $ 15 billion in acquisitions of specialized companies in the last 5 years. Currently there are another 30 thousand projects open in the world, 10 Email List thousand IBM consultants who have a deep background on these technologies, 25-30 thousand partners ready to provide services. The Roman system integrator enters into a Email List partnership with CBT and thus accesses the group of companies that form the . Brainpower partner network, the Email List technological platform at the service of business productivity 16 Jan 2015 Editorial board Anew protagonist joins the Partner Program , the joint business development project based Email List on the Enterprise Information Management platform of CBT created to compose a network of companies with which to develop business in the EIM field; Sirfin-PA , a Roman system integrator , thus joins the Email List partner network and will have at its side the CBT experience in terms of commercial support, assistance and the development of marketing initiatives. Sirloin-PA adheres to the Partner Program as a VAR , a high-level partnership whose goal is to work independently in identifying new market opportunities, presenting offers and developing projects. «WebRainbow is a technological Email List platform at the service of business productivity that allows the analysis, optimization and integration of information flows that pass through companies - underlined Fernando Villanelli , EIM Channel Email List Developer of CAT .