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Shopon hossin
Jul 07, 2022
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The point was to return to what was Country Email List already there and what was dismantled in the last three years by Moreno's "betrayal." The problem with a campaign focused on that message was that, at the end of the Country Email List Correa administration, even Correista voters were dissatisfied with the state of the economy. As highlighted in a recent report by the Latin American Strategic Center for Geopolitics ( celag ) – citing, in turn, a report by the National Secretariat for Development Planning1–, severalCountry Email List socioeconomic indicators actually improved considerably in the period 2005-2016. The discussion of how much of Country Email List this is the identifiable causal effect of the policies of the Citizen Revolution and how much of the external determinants that favored the entire region, regardless of who was in charge and what the mechanisms were, is left for another day). The point is that several Country Email List indicators saw a very notable improvement in the Correísta decade. But, as is well known, the evaluation of individuals in the economy, far from being an "objective" assessment, is almost always related to the sympathy they have for the government. This is precisely what is Country Email List observed when viewing public opinion data in Ecuador between 2008-2019, using the Americas Barometer as an instrument. Throughout this entire Country Email List period, as expected, the Correistas had always held more favorable views of the economy than the anti-Correistas. But the direction of the trend changed around 2014-2016. From that moment on, when the respondents responded retrospectively about their Country Email List perceptions of the previous year, the Correistas also began to state that the situation was worse than before, and their assessment began to coincide with that of their opponents. The same change of direction is observed in the tendency of the perception of correístas and Country Email List about.
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