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Shermin khatun
Apr 19, 2022
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Today like El Rubius a few years ago, the Indonesia Phone Number List person who is best known by the less digital world, but there are many people (7,500 creative influencers who live from their work in Spain) who have Indonesia Phone Number List different types of proposals. This is the great opportunity for brands”, added Indonesia Phone Number List Fourquet. “Each platform has its particularity. YouTube is a Indonesia Phone Number List company in the world of Google and is essential to position yourself in search. It is the largest free video platform in terms of unique users in the world. Facebook and Instagram are platforms Indonesia Phone Number List focused on the social sphere that are made up around the people who are going to post and have different audiences », he pointed out about the platforms. The Indonesia Phone Number List key, according to the professional, is to see where the brand's audience fits best in order to choose which is the priority platform and allocate their Indonesia Phone Number List efforts. «In TikTok there is an audience that is not found in other networks and it is an opportunity for brands that want to have contact with these generations, and TwitchIt's an incredible opportunity for direct content." Fátima Martínez also offered her Indonesia Phone Number List vision in this episode of La Noche MD. "What is save me? fights. The programs with the highest rating are that. What we are seeing many of the creators is that if we Indonesia Phone Number List get together we get where we want ", She assured. In addition, she recalled that TikTok is not only browsed by the younger generations. "When we talk about Indonesia Phone Number List TikTok, 32% of users are between 25 and 34 years old, and 35% are over 35 years old." Martínez advises “to be alert, to know the network and not to be afraid”.