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Apr 13, 2022
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You can be the only speaker on the teleseminar (lecture format or Buy Email Database question-and-answer format), or you can interview another authority or expert of interest to your audience, or you can have someone interview you as an authority. Once the seminar is complete, you can use the audio file for content on your website or to Buy Email Database make CDs, and use the transcript to create articles, an e-course, or even an e-book. WEBINAR: A webinar is a teleseminar with pictures. If it is Buy Email Database important that your audience see your face, or see your computer screen or something on the Internet, a webinar might be the way to go. There are some Buy Email Database free webinar services (search for free webinar service), as well as paid ones that run $97 a month or more (the more expensive ones let the audience see you via webcam). Again, you can take the audio Buy Email Database and transcript and use them as described above. VIDEOS: You Tube is the largest search engine on the Internet. Buy Email Database Creating a short 2-3 minute video with a flip camera, or even your telephone, has never been easier. Set up a You Tube channel using your name or the name of your Buy Email Database business. Videos help your audience feel like they know you.